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  • NEW – Dual Core Scanning Technology – CyberDefender's Early Detection Center takes every new file and runs it through two distinct scanning engines.
  • NEW – Early Detection Network – The earlyNETWORK uses the power of the community through a proprietary peer-to-peer relay network protecting users against Internet threats faster than most competing technologies.
  • NEW – Simplified User Interface – Allows for easier product navigation than previous versions.
    • Anti-Spyware Protection – Detects and removes dangerous spyware and adware from your computer.
    • Anti-Virus Protection – Detects and removes viruses from your computer.
    • Microsoft Updates Monitor – Detects if the PC has the latest Microsoft updates and if not, helps to install them.
    • Cookie Monitor – Detects what cookies are capturing personal information on the PC and allows the user to remove them.
    • Firewall Monitor – Scans to see if a Firewall is enabled and protecting the PC.
    • Privacy Monitor – Monitors what passwords and privacy data are being stored in the Internet Explorer browser and allows the user to remove them before threats can capture them.
    • Link Patrol – Real-time protection against dangerous web sites.





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